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The Application

The Icons

Functional Descriptions
New random puzzle and complete the puzzle with solution.
Load and save a puzzle to an output for later play.
Prints the puzzle
Copy and paste a puzzle
Undo and redo
Resize the game, zoom-in and zoom-out.
Multi-Colouring to assist player set colour on cells and lock the cells.
Help file and information includes techniques for basic, fishy and advances strategy.
Option and tuner to adjust the level of difficulty to play.
The steps that player has moved so far and notepad to add personal comment on cells.
Game plays elapse time and pause the game timer.
Cut and restart the game.
Tools and settings.
Hints and. caution for error message.
Check correct and incorrect.


These new features are available for new version of Sudoko (v2.1) only.  


Copyright © 2007
Written by Ko Chung Wong